About the Sisters Health Foundation

Guided by its vision of “healthy people in healthy communities,” the Sisters Health Foundation supports efforts that promote oral health, healthy lifestyles, and health equity in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Established in 1996, the Sisters Health Foundation continues and expands the health ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph.


Our vision is healthy people in healthy communities. The vision embraces a broad view of health that includes spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and economic well-being, with special concern for people who are poor or otherwise underserved.


Our mission is to promote healthy and sustainable communities by providing resources, strengthening collaborative relationships, and supporting initiatives that impact people in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Through this mission, the Sisters Health Foundation seeks to enhance the rich gifts already found in local communities.


The Sisters Health Foundation is a sponsored ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph.
Sponsored ministries are vibrant expressions of the Congregation of St. Joseph mission of unity. Always moving toward excellence, we serve the “dear neighbor” in the manner of Jesus, manifesting God’s active, inclusive, and unifying love through hospitality, generosity, service, and zeal.

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