Q: Why did you change your name and logo?

A: We have listened to input from key community partners over the past year in an effort to best position our foundation for the future. With guidance from our Board of Directors, we made the change for three reasons:

  • To clarify who we are. With the final closing of the St. Joseph Campus of Camden Clark Medical Center in 2014, many people asked if our foundation was closing. Although we have been a separate entity from the hospital since 1996, we understand that some still perceive us as being part of the hospital. A new organizational identity—including a name change and a new logo design—is an opportunity for us to clarify who we are.
  • To have a modern look. Every organization, large or small, goes through a rebranding effort at some point. Given the changes in the external environment with the closing of Camden Clark’s St. Joseph Campus, we felt that now was a good time to refresh our brand.
  • To highlight our relationship with the Congregation of St. Joseph (CSJ). A rebranding effort is also an opportunity for us to explain our affiliation with the Congregation of St. Joseph. With our new tagline, we are “sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph.” In its simplest form, that means that we seek to express and find opportunities to advance the CSJ mission of unity so “that all may be one.” We seek to carry out the CSJ values of serving the neighbors in our community through generosity, hospitality, service, and zeal. As a health foundation, we seek to carry out the CSJ mission and values by having a special concern for the poor, vulnerable, or otherwise underserved in our communities.

Q: Are you changing your grantmaking priority areas or your geographic service area?

A: Our grantmaking and grants process will remain the same. We are still committed to serving people in the Mid-Ohio Valley in our priority areas of oral health, healthy lifestyles, and health equity. See the grantmaking section for information on our priorities and processes.

Q: Why did you choose the name Sisters Health Foundation?

A: We organized a Communications Task Force, including key community partners, to discuss the name change. Here is why we chose the name Sisters Health Foundation:

  • Keeping Sisters in the name is important. The Sisters are recognized in the community and have been for over 100 years. Having the tagline “sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph” maintains the St. Joseph identity and the connection to the Sisters.
  • Having the Health focus of our work be more prominent is important. Listening to community partners, we learned that some do not make the immediate connection that we are a health funder. Adding Health to our name creates more awareness about the types of projects and organizations we seek to fund. Since our beginning, we have always supported a broad view of health including spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and economic well-being, and that will continue. Making Health a prominent component in our name indicates that we remain strongly invested in advancing our vision of “healthy people in healthy communities.”
  • Changing Charitable Fund to Foundation offers a better description of who we are. A foundation is generally thought of as a philanthropic entity—which is a broader concept than a charity as we seek to support efforts that address systemic change. We are also aware that the term “charitable fund” is used by some foundations to describe how individual donors can give back to their community by giving to a specific fund, such as a donor-advised fund. Using the word Foundation makes our identity clearer.

We are excited to share the updates with you about our new brand! Please join us as we embark on a renewed journey to address the health needs of people living in the Mid-Ohio Valley.