Information about our grant awards are categorized by program, fiscal year, and priority area. The grants range from our spring 2012 grant cycle to our most recent awards.

Grant Program

Basic Needs/Direct Service Grants Program
Responsive Grants Program

Fiscal Year

Priority Areas (2020 – Present)

More information on these Priority Areas can be found by clicking here.

Healthy Eating, Active Living
Thriving Neighborhoods
Mental Health and Addiction

Archived Priority Areas

Priority Areas (2011 – 2020)

Health Equity
Healthy Lifestyles
Oral Health

Interactive Grant Map (Spring 2012 – Present)

The Sisters Health Foundation has worked with the Foundation Center to provide a mapping tool to easily visualize our grants data. The grants reflected in the map include grants awarded through our Basic Needs/Direct Service and Responsive Grants Programs from our spring 2012 cycle to the present. It is important to note that the map reflects the location of the grantee organizations and not necessarily where the grant money was ultimately used.

View the Map