“On behalf of the Board of the Sisters Health Foundation, I would like to thank Cynthia for her strategic leadership over the last five years and the passion she has put into serving communities in Ohio and West Virginia. Her efforts have made a difference in the lives of so many and we want to thank her and wish her a wonderful retirement, although knowing Cynthia, she will keep very busy,” stated Arlene Borkowski, SHF Board President.

Drennan has enhanced the Foundation’s work in a variety of ways including strengthening the internal operations of the Foundation,¬†enhancing collaborative relationships with state and national partners, and¬†communicating the Congregation of St. Joseph’s mission and values. Within the Foundation, Drennan oversaw the development of the Basic Needs/Direct Service Grants Program, the online application system, and rebranding of the organization. Externally, she was a collaborative leader in many initiatives including the perishable food/medicine project in West Virginia, Bounty in the Pantries in Ohio, diabetes care coordination and community health worker initiatives, and food access mapping on both sides of the river. Over $4 million has been leveraged from involvement in collaborative partnerships. Furthermore, Cynthia helped foster awareness of the Congregation of St. Joseph’s mission and values through community presentations and meetings and involvement in the One Rising capacity building initiative through CSJ Ministries.