Starting with our Fall 2020 cycle, which opens on May 1, the new SHF priority areas that will guide our 370-year mission to serve our “dear neighbor” will be Healthy Eating, Active Living; Thriving Neighborhoods; and Mental Health and Addiction.

We made these changes because we listened. We listened to what the community was telling us over the past two years when we met with over 100 organizational leaders and members at the local, state, and federal levels to help inform our work on addressing community needs.

Because our external environment is constantly changing, we as a foundation recognize that our role in the community needs to evolve as well. We must respond to meet the most pressing health needs in the Mid-Ohio Valley. As a result of the listening process, we realized that some priorities required fine tuning while other parts needed some bolder thinking. So we asked ourselves: What does bold look like to SHF?

To learn more about the rationale for the priority area changes, click here.