We realized, as board and staff, that change was necessary. It was a culmination of many small moments, many conversations and meetings, that led to making this big shift to fund more intentionally in mental health and addiction.

“As we worked together in partnership with other funders and community representatives,” Arlene continued, “we realized that addressing mental health and addiction will take a long term commitment, one that will take collaboration and courage.

We pondered a 10-year commitment. But given these issues are vastly complex and multi-generational, we believed that 20 years instead is more apt.

Grandparents are raising grandchildren at increasing rates. In some families, we are losing two generations to addiction. We also know that many mental health and substance use disorders can have a high level of re-occurrence. Because of these realities, multiple supports need to be in place over a long period of time to make and see any impact. We encourage any and all creative ideas related to mental health and addiction.

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As you have questions, our staff is here to help. Renee, Executive Director, can help answer questions related to the strategic direction of the foundation and the rationale for the changes. Sr. Molly, Senior Program Officer, can help navigate whether your grant request is a good fit for our foundation. Shei, Grants and Communications Manager, can help answer technical questions about our grants management software, deadline dates, and our process of how to apply. To contact us, our email addresses can be foundĀ  by clicking here. You can also reach us by phone: 304-424-6080.