As the nonprofit community resumes to opening their doors and providing services, our foundation remains committed to supporting organizations who are tackling unique challenges. Since last December, the Board of Directors approved a total of $80,000 in grants.

Senior Program Officer Sr. Molly Bauer noted “We have been especially cognizant of how important it is to respond quickly to emerging needs as nonprofits continually pivot to address needs of their clients who may be experiencing a crisis.”

Funding partnerships with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and the Athens County Foundation continue to support these priority areas and other emerging needs: food access and distribution, the needs of the senior population, mental health and addiction related needs, and healthcare infrastructure needs.

SHF contributed $40,000 to the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Safety Net Fund to assist various organizations with operating costs, food access, and sanitation. Since last December, these organizations include:

  • Wood County Senior Citizens Association
  • Calhoun County Committee on Aging
  • Calhoun County FRN
  • Coplin Clinic/Wirt County Health Services
  • Memorial Health Foundation
  • Old Man Rivers
  • O’Neill Senior Center
  • Community Resources
  • Smithville Community Association
  • Straight Creek Baptist Church

SHF contributed $10,000 to the Athens County Foundation for food access to youth, critical home repairs, and mental health well-being for individuals in recovery. Since last December, these organizations include:

  • Torch UMC

Other collaborative grants were also awarded to the following organizations since last December:

  • Gallia-Meigs Community Action to support housing needs for Meigs County residents
  • Ely Chapman Education Foundation for operating support
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home for operating support
  • The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation to provide operating support to organizations as part of the COVID-19 recovery and resilience effort