Twenty-five nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley received grant funding from the Sisters Health Foundation (SHF) in support of its vision of “healthy people in healthy communities”. At its most recent meeting, the SHF’s Board of Directors approved a total of $273,829 in funding.

Seven organizations that provide direct services, such as food and emergency assistance, received a total of $27,500 from the Basic Needs/Direct Service small-grant program.

Caring Connection; Marietta, OH — $5,000 to assist Washington County residents with emergency utilities.

Community Resources, Inc.; Parkersburg, WV — $5,000 for a hydroponics station and healthy eating materials at a new choice pantry.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown, Inc.; Morgantown, WV — $3,500 to supplement the costs of guest family stays for MOV residents.

Stout Memorial United Methodist Church; Parkersburg, WV — $2,000 to purchase food for at-risk children in Wood County and to help with ministry operations.

The Salvation Army of Parkersburg; Parkersburg, WV — $5,000 to assist in food costs for their Soupline meals.

Washington County Harvest of Hope; Marietta, OH — $5,000 to purchase chicken meat for their food pantries.

We Have Your Six, Inc.; Parkersburg, WV — $2,000 to assist homeless veterans obtain clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

Eighteen organizations received support for their efforts in addressing the health needs of their communities in one of the three priority areas of the Responsive Grants Program.

Oral Health Priority Area

Ely Chapman Education Foundation; Marietta, OH — $800 to incorporate dental health education into their after-school program.

Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center; Grantsville, WV — $15,000 to provide dental sealants for children.

Susan Dew Hoff Memorial Clinic, Inc.; West Milford, WV — $5,000 to assist veterans with oral health care.

Health Equity Priority Area

Columbus Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, Inc.; Westerville, OH — $10,000 to provide breast health screenings to women in Meigs County.

Echoing Hills Village, Inc.; Athens, OH — $15,000 to assist in purchasing a van to transport individuals with developmental disabilities for health appointments and community integration.

Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley; Parkersburg, WV — $22,500 to help develop a volunteer program.

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine; Athens, OH — $60,000 to provide patients with medication, diabetes and hypertension management supplies, assistance with transportation, and other expenses for their free clinic.

Public Defender Corporation for the 5th Judicial Circuit; Ripley, WV — $17,500 to support the full-time recovery coach to connect clients with treatment services.

Washington County Free Clinic; Marietta, OH — $20,000 to support the clinical nurse manager who interacts with patients and operates the clinic.

West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters; Williamson, WV — $25,000 to assist Roane County families affected by the 2016 flood with home repairs, rebuilds, and bridge repairs.

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care; Charleston, WV — $22,500 to support the regional coordinator in outreach efforts to educate the public and policymakers about the importance of protecting Medicaid and affordable health care.

Healthy Lifestyles Priority Area

Consumer Credit Counseling of the Mid-Ohio Valley; Parkersburg, WV — $3,500 to support a financial counselor to provide financial literacy services.

Creed Collins Elementary School; Pennsboro, WV — $4,000 to purchase and install a secure playground structure for preschool students.

Fellowship Baptist Church; Vienna, WV — $1,199 to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

O’Neill Senior Center; Marietta, OH — $2,080 to purchase exercise equipment and a replacement AED.

Ravenswood Development Authority; Ravenswood, WV — $15,000 to expand the Riverfront Park Wellness Path.

Voices for Children Foundation – CASA Program; Parkersburg, WV — $5,000 to support direct services to children who have been abused and neglected.

Wirt County Committee on Aging; Elizabeth, WV — $2,250 to purchase recumbent fitness bikes to be used by Wirt County residents.

The next due date to submit a full application for the Basic Needs/Direct Service Grants Program, or to submit a letter of inquiry for the Responsive Grants Program is January 16, 2019. The Foundation seeks to support projects and strategies that advance oral health, healthy lifestyles, or health equity in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Requests in response to the addiction crisis may be submitted under the health equity priority area. Nonprofits are encouraged to contact Sr. Molly Bauer, Senior Program Officer, at 304-424-6080 or with questions about whether their grant request may be a good fit for the Sisters Health Foundation.

The Sisters Health Foundation promotes healthy and sustainable communities by providing resources, strengthening collaborative relationships and supporting initiatives that impact people in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Since 1996, the Sisters Health Foundation has awarded over $17 million in grants.