The Sisters Health Foundation is guided by a strategic framework that will direct our work over a five-year period (2020-2025). We strive to approach our work in the following ways:

Collaborative learning, planning, and action with local, state and national partners: We collaborate with others to change societal systems that cause injustice, oppression, and poverty. The foundation seeks to enhance the rich gifts already present in local communities, partner with organizations at all levels to achieve meaningful change, and model shared leadership and collaboration.

Alignment of foundation resources to advance knowledge, programs, and policy: We strive to maximize our impact on health and wellness in the Mid-Ohio Valley by conscious and coordinated efforts on multiple fronts. We align all our resources to help deepen public and expert knowledge about health, discover and implement best practices, build effective local programs, and create sound public policy.

Integration of health equity approaches and minority perspectives: As a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph (CSJ) Mission Network, the foundation faithfully adheres to the CSJ mission of active, inclusive, unifying love for God, one another, and all creation. Underlying all of its activities are commitments to work toward transforming the culture of power, privilege, and violence to a culture that is inclusive, embraces diversity, and welcomes the gifts of all.

Our Priority Areas

Integral to all our priority areas is coalition and cross-sector collaboration to advance policy or programmatic change. We recognize the interconnectedness of all priority areas as they reinforce and strengthen one another.

Healthy Eating, Active Living: We support projects and strategies that prevent or manage chronic health conditions by promoting healthy eating and active living. These include education about the health benefits of a healthy weight, good nutrition, and physical activity, environmental changes, and efforts that encourage and support behavior change.

Thriving Neighborhoods: We support projects and strategies that address improving neighborhood conditions where people live, learn, work, and play so that everyone has the ability to achieve their full health potential. These neighborhood conditions include the accessibility, affordability, and quality of health and health care, reliable transportation, stable and safe housing, social connectedness, and access to high-quality early childhood programs.

Mental Health and Addiction: We support projects and strategies that address mental health and/or addiction. Related to mental health, we are interested in the area of health promotion and prevention. Related to addiction, we are interested in the areas of prevention, early intervention, and recovery support. We are especially interested in evidence-based programs.

Emerging Issues: We explore opportunities to improve health and wellness in the Mid-Ohio Valley and the roles the foundation might play. This includes education of staff and board through presentations and research by issue experts, dialogue with community members and collaboration with other stakeholders.